bonding two male rabbits

Bonding Two Male Rabbits.

Bonding two male rabbits regardless of neutered or unneutered is not a problem at all. Only you have to understand and introduce these two rabbits in a conventional way.

I have introduced a new male rabbit to my existing house rabbit and they have bonded successfully. Therefore in this post:

I have explained about the best techniques and the proper way for male rabbit owners to bond their rabbits.

In order to bond two male rabbits, a rabbit guardian has to place little effort and patience as well as a gradual introduction of the new male rabbits.

Bonding two male rabbits.

To build friendships between two male rabbits the rabbits must be neutered first.

After neutered, you can allow some time for the male rabbits to get used to with each other and eventually they will become good friends.

Rabbits are very cute small house pets. Although they are cute and small, they can become very destructive often.

The reason for a rabbit to become destructive is that they are bored.

Rabbits can be bored very easily. To keep your rabbits calm and lively you can provide them different rabbit chew toys.

On the contrary, rabbits are very sociable animals too. Without having a partner they will be lonely and not so lively.

Hence it is suggested for every rabbit guardian to have a couple of pet rabbits in the house.

If you don’t want to have a couple of pet rabbits you can have a single rabbit but manage time every day to bond with your delicate small pet.

Perhaps you can’t manage time and you have decided to bring a new rabbit in the house to have friendship with an already existing one.

That is not a bad idea at all. Wait for four weeks after your rabbits are neutered then start the introduction process with the old rabbit.

Assuming your old rabbit is already neutered and will not show any aggression towards the new rabbit.

Although being territorial is more common in female rabbit male rabbits can also show a territorial behavior.

So after both the new and the old male rabbits are neutered, you must wait for at least four weeks.

Only then you can introduce your rabbit in the common territory.

The territory where the old rabbit has been staying for a while now, he may find it uncomfortable or get stress from having to see a new male rabbit in his territory.

Introduce them in a common ground, yet keep them separate using a playpen probably.

Do not allow the two rabbits in the same cage at the beginning. Even if they are neutered, the old rabbit may show aggressive rabbit behaviors.

The old rabbit may just kill the new rabbit sudden swaps.

While you keep the rabbits in a common ground and separated yet close to each other, the rabbit will slowly learn about each other.

They will get used to with the other rabbit’s behavior, and smell.

You have to always keep an eye on the rabbits, how they are acting towards each other.

If you notice that the rabbits are not coming close to each other then you must stop the introduction process.

Any unusual behavior rabbit signs of stress mean you must try to introduce them after a few days.

However, if the rabbits are acting very well, and stays close to each other. Lie down close to each other, those are the signs that they have to begin to trust each other and they will enjoy their companionships.

Bonding two neutered male rabbits.

As I have mentioned earlier it is vital for the male rabbit to be neutered before they are introduced to each other.

As rabbits are very social animals as well as can be very territorial too. An unneutered male rabbit tends to show aggressive body language towards other rabbits.

In case you introduce a new buck to an existing old one, and the old male rabbit must be neutered beforehand.

The best matter is to neuter both the male rabbits and at least wait for 4 weeks prior to introducing the male rabbits to each other.

In order to build bonding among two male rabbits, you must follow the steps and procedures mentioned above.

Bonding unneutered male rabbits.

Some rabbit guardian may try to bond unneutered male rabbits, which is not possible.

Unneutered male rabbits will act territorial and get aggressive with each other. If you try to force them to bond it may result in stress for your rabbits.

Make sure both the male rabbits are neutered and they will learn to build a friendship rather than fighting over territory.

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  1. I was told I had a male and female rabbit. I have watched them attempt to breed, so I thought, long story short, I prepared for baby rabbits, kept checking on the mother everyday. Today I look under her belly to discover, she is actually a he. Both of my rabbits are males. They have bonded well and seem stressed being separated. I put them back together and they are doing great and seem less stressed. They have never fought each other. But like I said I thought they were breeding due to one on top of the other breeding. This helped me understand the ” breeding” that I thought was going on. Thank you. Since they are not neutered, and they seem to have bonded, should I still keep them together dispite them being stressed over being separated? I really want to breed them but I will have to make sure I get a female. The person I purchased them from told me their sex and I took his word for it when I shouldn’t have. I know how to sex them. Please tell me what is best for them because I don’t want them to die over being separated.

    1. Hi Tina. Sorry for the late response.
      Are you able to get 2 female rabbits that they can bond and breed with?

  2. Please remove the photo of the rabbit being bathed. This is absolutely unnecessary and dangerous for rabbits, and should not be encouraged in any way, shape or form.

  3. Courtney Mansell

    I have a question…
    I have a happy healthy binkyzoy BUCKaroo who just turned 5 but I wanna get him a house mate. I’ve fallen in love with a bunny who needs help at a nearby pet store who is also male …

    Please tell me if it’s possible that they’ll bond with one another before I adopt this baby…
    My bunhun is Rockyman is 5 unneutered
    Axlebaby soon to be new baby is neutered

    Advice Please. Much Love

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