do rabbits need to live in pairs

Do rabbits need to live in pairs?

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Before you decide to buy a rabbit and bring home to raise it as a pet, let us clear all the confusion first.

Do rabbits need to live in pairs?

The answer is YES. And it depends on the rabbit guardian too whether he/she can keep a single rabbit or not.

This post will ensure that you can raise pet rabbits well and understand why is it important for rabbits to have a companion. In this article, I will explain why should a rabbit owner get a second rabbit if they only have one pet rabbit. Because bunnies can get lonely on their own.

Yet a rabbit guardian can prevent their single bunnies from getting lonely by simply using the techniques I have provided in this article.

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Do rabbits need to live in pairs?

YES, it is BEST to have a couple of pet rabbits. On the contrary, keeping a single rabbit is not a problem in a household.

But a rabbit guardian not bonding with the rabbit will create problems.

I have mentioned in my other articles many times that rabbits are very friendly and social animals. If you do not give your rabbit a friend. your rabbit will be lonely.

Regardless of who the friend is. You as a guardian can be your rabbit’s friend. A house rabbit spending time all by itself will be very bored in time. A bored rabbit will be very stressed in no time.

Stress will develop into loneliness. As result loneliness will aid in to deteriorate the lifespan of your domestic rabbits.

In order to have your bunny friend with you for a long time, a rabbit owner must buy a pair of rabbits. If you are hesitant that you cannot spend enough time with your single bunny friend, then you must not think of buying a single rabbit.

Keeping a single rabbit isn’t good for the rabbit’s health. You should buy a pair of rabbits or you decide that you will have plenty of time to bond with the house rabbit that you plan to keep single.

Do bunnies get lonely on their own?

Bunnies get very lonely on their own which most rabbit owners cannot understand. In order to understand your single rabbit is very lonely, you have to recognize the lonely rabbit behavior.

Unless you recognize the lonely rabbit behavior it will be difficult on your side to comprehend whether you should bring a second rabbit home or not.

Should I get a second rabbit?

Often a single rabbit owner is confused about getting a second rabbit because they think it is going to more expensive.

Which is not true in real life. Getting a second rabbit and raising them together is not as expensive as it seems.

Getting a second rabbit is less costly on your side if you think in the long run. Keeping a single rabbit can cause stress in your current pet rabbit.

A lonely single rabbit is more prone to getting sick, and you may have to visit the rabbit vet more often which is more expensive.

If you do not want to visit a vet more often and do not have plenty of time to spend with your bunny, it is best to bring another bunny companion for your older rabbit pet.

Which pairing of rabbits is best?

Pairing a male rabbit and a female rabbit is the best match. Therefore if you intend to buy new rabbits or simply bring home a second rabbit do bring a rabbit of the opposite gender.

Nevertheless, it is not impossible to pair a rabbit from the same gender. Two male rabbits or two female rabbits can easily go along with each other.

Rabbits from the same gender can be a great pair too.

In case you have decided to buy a male rabbit and a female rabbit, make sure they both are neutered and spayed.

Neutering and spaying ensure longer domestic rabbit lifespan, as well as the rabbits, will be less territorial.

It is equally important for pet rabbits that are paired with the same gender to be neutered and spayed. the reasoning for that is an unneutered/unspayed pair rabbit may get into a fight.

It will be difficult for you to pair them and create bonding among them. Due to the fact, unneutered and unspayed rabbits are extremely territorial.

What to do if you can’t afford a second rabbit?

In case you cannot afford a second rabbit at all, it is OK to have a single pet rabbit.

Keeping a single pet rabbit requires your attention. As the pet rabbit is alone and does not have a friend to bond with.

So in such scenario the rabbit owner which is you have to manage time to bond and play with your rabbit more often.

You have to learn to play with them and pet your rabbits. Toss some bunny toys.

Give them enough time to realize it is safe to be around with you and bond with them.

Though doing all the mentioned above, you have one downside of keeping a single rabbit. In case you are willing to take a vacation.

Maybe you intend to go out for the whole weekend. Your single rabbit is going to be very lonely and bored. Yet there is a way you can leave your rabbit alone for the weekend with proper precautions.

Are rabbits Ok living alone?

NO, rabbits are not OK at all living alone. A rabbit needs a companion to stay lively.

A lonely rabbit is stressed and more prone to getting sick.

You cannot keep a single rabbit as a pet without bonding with him. But one interesting fact about pet rabbit is that you can raise pet rabbits together with other pets like cats and dogs.

So if you already have a cat in your house and you have decided to buy a single domestic rabbit, it is not a problem at all.

Rabbit can bond with other pets like cats and dogs but with proper introduction and following the proper bonding stages.

Similarly, rabbits can have a friendship with a dog and they can play with each other, live with each other without getting bored.

But as rabbits are delicate small pets, you have to introduce a dog and a rabbit very carefully. A dog may hurt a rabbit without intention.

So as rabbits are not OK living alone, you must find a companion for your rabbits.

A companion for your rabbit can be another rabbit of the same gender or opposite gender.

Your old pet cat and dog can become friends with your rabbit.

Finally, if you really want to have a single rabbit, ensure that you have adequate time to play with your rabbits daily.

Regardless of a paired rabbit or a single rabbit always give your rabbits some bunny toys.

Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy?

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