how to bunny proof your house

How to bunny proof your house? Bunny Safety Essentials!

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Today I will explain to you about certain ways you can ensure the safety of your bunnies, and prevent them from chewing through valuable stuff within your house. Most importantly, how to bunny proof your house?

Did you actually know that there plenty of ways and techniques which is applicable for a house with pet rabbits?

In this post, I have shared the best ways for bunny-proofing your house without being too ungracious on your house rabbits.

How to bunny proof your house?

Bunny-proofing your house is not only important but is a necessity at the same time. The best thing you can do to bunny-proof your house is by giving them alternatives to keep them occupied and something to chew on.

Hence hay plays an important role in everyday rabbit health issues. You may as well buy rabbit toys for your house rabbits to keep them busy.

But below I have listed the most common bunny proofing techniques:

Bunny-proofing baseboards.

Bunnies that roam freely within your house tend to chew on baseboards. To prevent rabbits from chewing on baseboards you can spray bitter apple spray or cover up the baseboards using plastic guards.

Allowing your rabbits to run around freely within your house is fun to watch. But it is not fun anymore when your rabbits start to chew and dig on everything they find appealing.

In order to save your rabbits from getting health issues, you have to use bitter apple spray on items that your rabbits like to chew on.

Rabbit proofing wires: How to protect cords from rabbits?

Rabbits they enjoy chewing through on wires. It is only a natural habit for rabbits to chew on something to prevent their teeth from growing unusually long.

But the problem here is you can’t allow your rabbits to destruct all the wires within your house and in the worst case scenario your rabbit will get a shock and even die.

In order to rabbit-proof wires, you can simply purchase plastic tubes that are thick enough to prevent rabbits chew through.

It is very difficult for a rabbit to chew through a PVC plastic and if it is at least a 1/2 inch thick it will be impossible for your house rabbits to break through the plastic tubing.

You can purchase plastic tubing in any electronics shop or even order online.

As well as plastic tubing is known as vacuum tubing, polygon tubing or plumbers tubing.

Use any of these to cover up any wires within your house that is easily accessible for your bunnies.

Bunny proofing carpet. How to stop the rabbit from chewing carpet?

To prevent your rabbits from doing so you will have to consider several factors. Rabbits usually choose one specific place to dig in.

First and foremost you have to identify that particular place and use some bitter spray along with several other options which I have mentioned below.

Carpets are one of the most favorite chewing objects for rabbits. Due to the fact carpet is warm and fuzzy any house rabbit will try dig in and chew on it.

Here is the deal:

Once you identify that particular location where your rabbit loves to dig, you must cover that place with any heavy object.

If you have enough space, you can place an item of furniture there.

Another website Bunnyproof has suggested using a cardboard castle in such places so that your rabbit will remain busy around that location and forget about digging in the carpet.

It is natural for rabbits to dig so if you provide something for your rabbit that will keep him/her busy with digging, your rabbit will not fancy digging the carpet anymore.

One more thing you can do to prevent rabbits from ripping your room’s carpet is you can put a ceramic tile if it is available on that place where your rabbit has the most interest.

If your rabbit is unable to find the place of his/her interest and it is difficult for them to lift and remove the heavy ceramic tiles, eventually they will forget about the carpet digging and find something else to keep themselves busy.

How to prevent bunny from going under the bed?

The only way to prevent bunnies from going under the bed is by blocking their way under the bed.

It is natural for rabbits to explore new shelters and challenging to change this behavior of going somewhere they can feel safe.

Rather than changing their natural instinct, it is a lot easier to block the gateway under the bed for your rabbits.

There are several ways how you can achieve that.

My favorite way of blocking their entrance under the bed is simply by using a rabbit playpen. Rabbit playpens are inexpensive and very simple to construct the way you desire.

You can read more about DIY rabbit playpen here.

That’s not all:

You can block the space under your bed by using plastic tubs or cardboard boxes. You can find plastic tubs which are inexpensive and comes in a variety of sizes.

First, measure the height of the opening under your bed and then buy plastic tubs according to the size of the opening.


You can place the plastic tubs under your bed to prevent your bunnies from going under the bed.

Similarly, if you have old cardboard boxes sitting at your house you can do the same with those to block your rabbits from going under the bed.

Another trick to prevent your house rabbits from going under the bed is by using pipe insulation.

It is not as simple as the other techniques mentioned above but Wikihow has an interesting article explaining how to do it properly here >>> Block off under the bed.

Rabbit scratching couch.

A rabbit loves to discover new places and shelters. They love to scratch because it is their digging behavior.

You as a rabbit guardian must find ways to stop your rabbits from scratching couches because scratching on a couch and digging on it will destroy your furniture as well as can cause serious health issues for your rabbit if something goes severely wrong.

Rabbits are delicate and prey animals. They like to dig tunnels and hide in places where they think it is safe for them to relax.

Therefore they may scratch, chew and dig holes in your expensive couch. As well as they may use the gap to go under the couch.

But to prevent your house rabbits from destroying your couch you must use the bitter apple spray. That way your rabbit won’t go anywhere near the couch and hate to bite on it.

To fill up the gap between the floor and the couch you can use the same techniques as I have mentioned earlier to prevent your bunnies from going under the bed.

Have plenty of digging tunnel toys scattered around your house which will keep your house rabbits busy and distracted from scratching the couch.

Here is a nice article BinkyBunny >>> How to make your sofa rabbit safe.

Bunny-proofing house doors.

Bunnies love to chew on woods. If your house door is made of wood, it is vital to protect them using kick plates.

Kick plates will block bunnies from chewing on your doors, as well as cover up the previous damages done by your bunny.

Using kick plates can prevent bunnies from getting serious health concerns, similarly, keep the bottom of your doors intact from scuffs, scratches, and dents.

How to stop house rabbit chewing furniture? What to give bunnies to chew on?

Bunnies get bored easily, and house rabbits chew on furniture to keep themselves active and busy.

The best way to stop house rabbits from chewing on furniture is by providing them enough chew toys and creating a playful environment for them.

You can make the environment within your house exciting for your rabbits in many different ways:

Provide plenty of hay for your rabbits to chew on. Rabbits need hay not only because they love chewing, but hay also has many health benefits for a rabbit.

Find Here >>> Why is hay important for rabbits?

Give your rabbits many chew toys to chew on that will keep them active. A bored rabbit will chew on anything regardless of edible or non-edible.

Buy safe chew toys for your rabbits and prevent them from chewing on furniture.

Chew toys will keep your rabbits busy and they won’t be interested in chewing items of furniture anymore.

Best bitter spray for rabbits.

Bitter spray for rabbits is essential for every house rabbit guardian. It helps by making the chewable items in your household a lot less appealing to your rabbits.

The most common bitter apple spray used by rabbit owners is Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray.

Either you can spray this liquid directly on the surface you want to stop your rabbits from chewing or you can spray the liquid on a towel and then use the towel to wipe a wider surface.

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