how to pet a rabbit

How to Pet a Rabbit? Must know information for New Rabbit lovers.

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Your rabbit is so cute and you can’t resist petting and cuddle them. But wait do you know how to pet a rabbit without harming these delicate animals?

Next time, pet these small animals to make them feel loved rather than feeling endangered.

Learn the proper way you can pet your rabbits, show them affection and even can pick up your rabbits to cuddle them.

I always held up my rabbit and pet her because it is difficult to resist the temptation of loving these small pets.

How to pet a rabbit without their discomfort?

Rabbits are small and extremely cute animals. Rabbit owners love to pet them, and rabbits love being petted.

But most rabbit guardians don’t know where exactly to pet the rabbits without causing stress.

The best place to pet a rabbit is their forehead. Simply use a finger and slowly rub on their forehead. Rub from the place between their eyes up until between their ears.

Doing so will satisfy your rabbit. I have seen so many times my rabbits closing their eyes while I do this.

Later I found out that closing eyes means they are very relaxed and likes it.

If you have a couple rabbit, often times you will see that your rabbits are licking each other’s forehead which means they are presenting their affection for each other.

That’s not all:

Never ever try to pet your rabbits on their rear or tail region. This really annoys your rabbit.

As well as being touched on their legs and petted on their stomach will bother your rabbit. This is really stressful for them.

While doing so you may find your rabbits quite stunned but in reality, they are just shocked and scared to express their feelings.

Other than their forehead, you can gently rub your rabbits’ back. They like that too.

Do bunnies like to be petted? Why not?

YES, bunnies like to be petted.

They are very intelligent animals. They can understand when you love them and show affection.

But you have to realize when a rabbit is sleeping and not bother them during their nap time.

Also, do not try to pet them where your rabbits do not like to be petted. Refer to the previous subhead.

However, I have heard from many people that if a rabbit has lived long enough with their guardian, those rabbits start to get comfortable being petted everywhere.

As rabbits are prey animals they are easily frightened, but in case they start to feel safe around you, they won’t mind being petted in other places other than the only forehead.

But do that with caution because rabbits are delicate animals and can easily be shocked.

How to pick up a rabbit without stress?

As I mentioned earlier rabbits are prey animals and are easily frightened. Although rabbits are domesticated today, their behavior is not much different from the rabbits in the wild.

If you try to pick up a rabbit, they will comprehend being lifted by their predator. As a result, you will have a scared rabbit, and they might not love you so much for doing so.

Do you want your rabbits to consider you as their friend or a predator?

Of course, my answer to that question is same as yours.


You have to know the correct techniques to pick up a rabbit, and your rabbit will realize that it’s safe to be with you. The sooner the rabbits realize this, the better for you.

So the right way to pick up and held your rabbit is as follows:

Use two hands to lift up a rabbit.

First, hold your rabbit gently with one hand under your rabbit’s chest and lift the rabbit slowly while your rabbit is still standing on his/her hind legs.

Next, place your other hand on the buttock region and roll your rabbit towards the front and gently pick up your rabbit.

You must hold you rabbits firmly yet gently. Rabbits are delicate animals and can easily be injured if not picked up properly.

Be careful while trying to pick up your rabbits because if they feel threatened they will try to jump and probably will injure themselves.

A firm grip is a must while you pick them up because they tend to escape and might jump only to cause injuries.

How do rabbits show affection to humans?

When a couple of rabbits live together they like to groom each other. It is also a way of showing their affection for rabbits.

The same happens when a rabbit wants to show his/her affection to their guardians. They will nip you everywhere.

They will lick you, and probably they will take their nap close to you.

Long back when I didn’t understand much about rabbit behavior, my cute rabbit DAYA always use to lick my foot while I was sitting on the couch.

Sometimes it was annoying to me. The reason I didn’t know at all this is how rabbits show their love.

I never understood what it meant. But later when I realized it’s just the way rabbits are, I was never disturbed again.

A rabbit may also sleep close to their guardian. This means that the rabbit loves his/her guardian and is relaxed even with you being around them.

Sleeping close to you means the rabbit trusts you.

Depending on a rabbit it may vary how a rabbit will show their affection and kindness to their guardian.

But most of the time it is simply by licking you.

They may nip or lick you in a sense they are trying to groom you because they love you so much.

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