Rabbit Bed

Wild rabbits take shelter in warrens, dens, or holes in the ground. And unlike their indoor or domesticated counterparts, they fill their home with fur and warm natural materials. But do rabbits really need bedding? 

If you own a rabbit, it is a requirement to make one in a litter box. You can also make bedding in a cage, but that’s optional.

It is also essential to determine the type of bedding that will suit your rabbit. Maze rugs and seagrass can make excellent bedding for rabbits who love to chew their bedding while towels and mats can be used by non-chewers. 

Various types of rabbit beddings are available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The bedding materials are available for rabbits but there are still some factors you need to consider when choosing the appropriate rabbit bedding.

Beddings for Rabbits

A good cage and food are not the only things your rabbit requires. Bunnies must also feel warm, safe, and comfortable, just like humans.

Beddings help rabbits to live longer and have a healthy life. And these beddings must be non-toxic because rabbits frequently feed on them. You should also consider the cost and how often the bedding needs to be changed.

Some of the best materials you can use for your rabbit beddings include hay, shredded paper, and specialist litter.

Private Bedroom

Most rabbits normally sleep at night as well as in the afternoon or early evening. They are more likely to rest at dusk and dawn.

Just like humans, rabbits also require their own private area. Your rabbit will feel cozier if it has its own dedicated sleeping area.

Several factors may influence a rabbit’s sleep, this includes noise from their surroundings and disturbance in their hutches.

When building a bedroom for your rabbit, be sure to make it dark, warm, shielded, and enclosed. A clean cardboard box that was turned to its side can make an ideal sleeping area for a rabbit. In addition, you should also provide them with the appropriate bedding material inside their bedroom.

What to Consider when Choosing A Rabbit Bedding

Rabbits require great care and attention to reduce the risks of health difficulties.

The essential factors to remember when choosing rabbit bedding are their breed and potential health complexities. Typical health issues in rabbits include overgrown or misaligned teeth and ear mites.

Consider these several factors when choosing a bedding for your rabbit:

Odor Control

Rabbits can be very smelly and messy at some times. Therefore, choosing rabbit bedding that provides excellent odor control is essential.

Some rabbit beddings have a built-in odor control to eradicate bad odors.

Absorbent Materials

You should also consider the absorbency of the bedding material. Absorbent materials reduce the need for constantly changing. It also makes the rabbit hutch cleaner and more comfortable.

In addition, this bedding material is best for both play and sleep.


Rabbits sometimes spend most of their time lounging, sitting, and lying on their beddings, and some beddings are deemed to be toxic for rabbits.

It is crucial to choose rabbit bedding that is safe and harmless to your pet.


Choosing dust-free bedding for your rabbit can make it easier and quicker every time you change them.

Dust-free beddings also support the respiratory health of your rabbit.


As said earlier, rabbits spend most of their time sleeping and lying on their bedding. Therefore, you have to make sure that the bedding you choose for your pet will make them comfortable and relaxed.

Feel the bedding with your hands first to find out if it is soft enough for your rabbit before giving it to them. You should also make sure that the bedding does not include any sharp or coarse objects that may harm your rabbit.

Environmentally Friendly

Use eco-friendly bedding, especially if you own multiple rabbits. Eco-friendly beddings are great for the environment and your rabbit as well.

Eco-friendly beddings are biodegradable which means that they do not have adverse effects on the environment and can also be turned into compost.

What Rabbits Like to Sleep On?

Rabbits love to sleep in very comfortable surroundings. There are some beddings alternatives that your rabbit will enjoy sleeping on, including:

Shredded Paper

This type of bedding is probably one of the simplest and cheapest to make.

Shredded paper is a great absorbent and provides outstanding odor control.

Feed standard, plain paper straight through a shredder, and then you can use the shreds as rabbit bedding. On the downside, this type of bedding can be a mess if it gets blown around.


This type of bedding is affordable and helps to support your rabbit’s paws.

Sand is very comfortable when used as a bedding material for bunnies. In addition, it can be reused and has low bacterial counts which limit the growth of pathogens.


The significant benefits of this type of bedding are its softness and absorption. This rabbit bedding is best suited for young rabbits that pee frequently.

Aspen provides excellent thermal insulation and enhances the lying experience of rabbits. Also, aspen is perfect on the paws of bunnies.

This bedding material is excellent for people who consider odor control. However, it may cling to your pet rabbit and get dragged around your house.


Most rabbits will prefer to sleep on hay because of its softness and it is something they can play with. This type of bedding can be simply obtained from farms or backyards

Despite its popularity as a bedding material, hay also has its disadvantages. It can be sticky and messy, especially when it combines with rabbit waste and pee.

Hay is not the best bedding material for promoting the paw health of bunnies, either.

Rabbit Bedding Options

Several rabbit bedding options are available on the market. You can determine what suits best for your rabbit by knowing its breed and your living arrangement.

Good rabbit bedding can make your pet feel safe and comfortable.

For some instances, your pet does not like the bedding you have chosen for them. But instead of buying a new one, try to move the bed into a different location first.

Pets sometimes refuse their homes not because of their condition but because of their location.

Plush or Fabric Beds

These beds are soft, cuddly, and can be purchased in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Most pet stores offer this type of bedding, and you can find them most of the time in the cat/dog isles. They can be washed or sometimes feature a removable and washable cover. 

While some rabbits may like this type of bedding, plush materials are generally too soft, and your pet might only use it for peeing and not for napping. But if this is the case, try using the flat ones instead.

Towels, Blankets, or Rugs

A very cheap and washable alternative for beds is 100% cotton towels, rugs, or fleece blankets. They can provide a soft and cuddly spot without creating an unstable surface on which most rabbits can’t properly stand. 

Towels can be washed repeatedly at high temperatures and can also be replaced if needed without breaking the bank. Ikea’s Signe rugs have this characteristic. 

Fleece fabric or blankets are also a great option because they don’t fray and can be easily cut to your desired size. Look for anti-pill fleece, as it will definitely last longer without pilling.

Wooden Beds

By now, we’ve already seen adorable photos of rabbits resting in doll beds. And you can also buy this type of bedding at Ikea.

If you own an old American Doll or Melissa & Doug bed, it’ll surely do the trick. Most of these materials are not soft enough to be confused for litter boxes, so that’s a definite plus!


If your rabbit doesn’t have a chewing and peeing habit on your furniture, then a simple basket can be a great option.

Baskets are sometimes made of willow or wicker, seagrass, or even plastic ones. Some come in an oval shape and some have a lid that can be a pathway for your pet. Regardless, it is a good idea to go with one best suited for pets. 

Most pet furniture is not coated with a water-based finish. Try placing a towel or fleece blanket around the basket to provide extra comfort.

Grass Mats/Beds

Some pet stores sell this type of material. 

Most rabbit owners use Grass mats because they are somewhat soft, edible, and rabbits love them! This type of material is not just for sleeping, but to tear apart slowly in between naps as well. Rabbits will surely love this bedding until his single days are over.


While neither of your pet rabbits would ever be willing to jump onto a moving surface, some rabbits will surely enjoy the amenities of a hammock. 

You can find different makes out there, but most pet owners like the one that looks like a small side table with a hammock underneath. In that way, your pet rabbit can sit on top of the frame, too! 

The hammock itself can easily be stitched by hand or bought from various sellers on Etsy. Most hammocks utilize a simple metal hook on each end to fasten the frame securely. 

Pee Pads

If your pet rabbit loves to sleep behind the couch, try placing a washable pee pad on the floor for added protection. Pee pads can protect your carpet and can be used as a comfortable sleeping spot as well.

Alternative Ideas

You can find several unique rabbit beds on Etsy, and our favorite would probably be the Ugli Donut by The Hare Apparent.

It is comfortable, seems to meet a rabbit’s needs, and solves the pee problem. Plus, some of the proceeds go to a rabbit shelter! They also have fun beds for single or disabled rabbits that can be shipped all through the US.

Etsy also sells an up-cycled jean jacket, various pillows, blankets, and hammocks, as well as the MiniBun, which can also be used for small dogs and cats.

Best Bedding for Baby Rabbits

Beddings for young rabbits are crucial to their overall health. Rabbits younger than six months old only have their babyfurs and are required to be kept warm.

Apply comfortable bedding for baby rabbits until they reach their maturity when they can manage their own body temperatures. The body temperature of a baby rabbit should not drop below 101 degrees Fahrenheit to give them the comfort they need and make them sleep better.

The materials used for bedding for baby rabbits should be absorbent. Baby rabbits pee most of the time because they still haven’t figured out how to control their bladders.

Training baby rabbits to pee outside their hutches is very challenging due to their short attention spans. Therefore, looking for bedding that is absorbent and affordable is crucial.

Best Beddings for Adult Rabbits

Healthy adult rabbits do not have many necessities for their beddings.

They can maintain their own body temperatures and can easily learn how to be comfortable in different surroundings.

Still, choose comfortable and reliable beddings for your adult rabbits. Also, consider the characters of your adult rabbits when preferring their beddings. 

Best Bedding for Senior Rabbits

Senior rabbits may spend a lot of their time in bed. They are frequently not interested in plays and exercises.

Comfort should be your number one priority when looking for beddings for senior rabbits. They are often sickly, which is why they need comfortable beddings.

Senior rabbits are also more prone to joint difficulties than younger bunnies. Therefore, their beddings must be as smooth and soft as possible.

Older rabbits have weak immune systems and can be adversely afflicted when they become sick. So be sure to make their beddings non-toxic, warm, and free of irritants.

Best Bed and Hideaways for Rabbits

Your furry friend will feel safe when they have their own comfortable and cozy shelter to hide away and sleep in. 

Check these great ranges of beds and hideaways!

Cool Club Small Animal Square Bed Grey Large

This summer in style, the Cool Club Range is exclusive to Pets at Home. This wonderful range of bold and colorful holiday-themed products is wonderfully colorful and vibrant, excellent for attaching splashes of color to your pet’s accessories.

Small pets adore feeling warm and cozy when resting and snoozing, and the Cool Club Small Animal Bed is an excellent spot for them.

A comfy accessory to your pet’s house, this large bed is the ideal place for your pet to nestle up and sleep life’s troubles away. To get the best out of your pet, they encourage you to improve their small homes with toys and accessories to keep them amused

JW Pet Walk-Up Small Animal Barn

This cute walk-up small animal barn gives your furry friend a place to provide privacy and a sense of security. It also offers opportunities for climbing fun. It also comes with an easy-to-clean translucent plastic which also allows you to see the inside, and a flat top for additional play space.

Ferplast Maxi Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hideaway

This product is not just for rabbits, but for guinea pigs as well.

For 50 years, Ferplast has been producing innovative pet accessories, with precise attention to quality and design to ensure that all products are enjoyed by owner and pet alike.

A hideaway is an excellent place for your rabbit or guinea pig to get a little tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of their busy daily routines.

The Maxi Rabbit hide is constructed from wood, which comes from responsibly maintained forests.

This product is easy to assemble and arrives in flat packaging.

Woodlands Seagrass Large Munchable Mattress

The Woodlands Seagrass Large Munchable Mattress is ideal not just for rabbits, but for guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, and degus as well.

Their Large Munchable Mattress has been intricately constructed to support comfort, warmth, and security, as well as a great place to play.

Made up of natural fibers, this mattress is excellent for nibbling on, helping to keep your small animal’s teeth in a perfect length.

Pets at Home Small Animal Spotty Hoody Bed

Small animals love to play, and this product can enable your pet to enjoy an enriched playtime activity. At the end of a busy day, give your pet a reliable hideaway to allow them to feel safe and cozy.

Small animals love to take their time by resting and snoozing. A soft plump bed is just what they require, and their Hoody Bed will surely fit the bill.

The product features a machine washable cover to keep your pet’s home clean and fresh. It also boasts a warm and cozy surrounding perfect for a good night’s sleep. It also offers your pet a comfortable place to rest to create a safe and secure environment.

Woodlands Seagrass Basket

The Woodlands Seagrass Basket is not just perfect for rabbits, but for guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, and degus, too.

The Seagrass Basket has been constructed to keep your small animal entertained.

Made from seagrass, it is an excellent product to explore inside and out.

Rabbits Eating Their Bedding

Rabbits can eat almost anything, including their beddings. They usually chew objects for play and for grinding their teeth down.

It is normal to notice rabbits nibble on their beds occasionally. However, choose the best bedding material if your rabbits are habitual chewers.

Always consider the fact that rabbits may chew their bedding. Therefore, prefer bedding that is not likely to obstruct the intestines of your bunny once eaten. Also, avoid rabbit beddings that may potentially pack in their stomach, and look for non-toxic bedding material.

You can also provide your pet rabbit with chew toys to turn their attention away from eating their beddings. And give them extra hay to chew on.

What You Shouldn’t Use as Rabbit Bedding?

Some materials are hazardous or toxic and should not be employed as rabbit beddings.

These materials are not recommended as rabbit bedding:

Cat Litter

Although this can produce soft and comfortable bedding for your pet rabbit, it is not the safest alternative for rabbits. Bunnies may die if they nibble and swallow cat litter.

Cat litter is also dusty and may create allergic effects in rabbits and humans as well (a major consideration if you have an asthmatic family member).


Some people utilize this bedding material as an alternative to hay. Straw is an irritant that can also discolor and stain the fur of your rabbits.

This bedding material can also be expensive because it demands a significant amount to make a standard bed. Also, straw is lightweight and can be easily blown around the house.


Some animals prefer to sleep on sawdust due to its softness. However, sawdust can aggravate the rabbits’ eyes and noses.

Although sawdust is receptive and non-palatable, it still needs to be changed frequently. Sawdust is also very flammable and not advised for use in hot climates.


This material makes great bedding for several types of animals. However, bunnies love to chew on cardboard, which can be a choking risk.

Cardboards can attract worms, which may place the overall health of your bunny in peril and may alter the neatness of its hutch.

Wood Shavings

Although aspen can be a great bedding material for rabbits, pine and cedarwood shavings do not.

They can produce harmful effects on the liver and respiratory problems to your bunny.

It is also not recommended to apply generic wood shavings as bedding. It is hard to tell the source of generic wood shaving and whether it is safe for your pet rabbit.


Rabbits love to eat paper and ink-printed newspapers, which could be very harmful to the digestive system of your pet rabbits.

Final Thoughts

Your pet rabbit is a great addition to your family. As such, you may naturally want to make your pet rabbit feel at home.

Spoil your cuddle buddy while ensuring his environment is safe and healthy with beddings that are easy on the wallet, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly.

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