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Must Know Rabbit Facts

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We all love rabbits but how many of you know much about rabbits?

There are hundreds of rabbit facts and most of them are unknown to pet lovers or even rabbit owners.

Well, this article will definitely allow rabbit lovers to know their pet rabbits a bit more because I have shared many known and unknown facts about rabbits here.

Pet rabbit facts:

  1. Pet rabbits can understand when you call them by name;
  2. House rabbits can be trained to do simple tricks like most other pets;
  3. Rabbits get bored easily, they need socialization and chew toys to keep them entertained;
  4. Pet rabbits can live up to 12 years because of the extra care they get from their guardians;
  5. Horses are the only domestic animal that is very similar to rabbits in terms of diet, behavior;
  6. Rabbits are very clean animals and can be litter trained within their running space;
  7. You need to take your rabbits to vets that are specialized for treating rabbits which can be expensive;
  8. Bunnies are self-grooming animals. Occasionally you can clean your rabbits but you have to take proper measures for doing so;
  9. Most pet rabbits are European rabbits;
  10. A rabbit does binky when they are happy. I have shared a video below >>>

Wild rabbit facts:

  1. A female rabbit is called a doe, a male is a buck and a baby is called a kit. a group of rabbit is known as a herd;
  2. Rabbits can start reproducing very early in their life. As a result, a single female rabbit can make around 800 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
  3. A rabbit can live up to 8 years in the wild.
  4. Rabbits are very territorial. They need a large space to run and play around. They will litter everywhere to mark their territory;
  5. Rabbits live in woods, forests, meadows, grasslands, wetlands, and deserts.

Facts about rabbits for kids:

  1. Rabbits love to live in groups;
  2. The European rabbit lives underground, in burrows. A group of burrows is known as a warren;
  3. A rabbit’s ear can grow as long as 4 inches (10cm);
  4. More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America;
  5. Rabbits sleep around 8 hours a day;
  6. A rabbit has 28 teeth;
  7. Rabbits can be found in Southwestern Europe, Southeast Asia, Sumatra, parts of Japan, Africa and South America;
  8. There are 180+ breed of rabbits all around the world;
  9. A rabbit can weigh between 3-20 pounds depending on the breed of rabbit;
  10. Rabbits have 5 toes on their front paws and have 4 toes on their back paws.

Rabbit fun facts:

  1. Rabbits and bunnies are the same animals, it is just how you prefer to call them;
  2. A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing throughout their life. Due to the fact rabbits love chewing all day long on hay and grass, naturally, the teeth wear off and remain short.
  3. Rabbits can hop and run up to the speed of 45 miles per hour;
  4. Did you think rabbits are nocturnal? The answer is NO, they are not. So when do rabbits sleep? Rabbits are most active during dawn and dusk while the predators are sleeping or resting;
  5. Every rabbit has their own characteristics different from other rabbits. So, it is not always wise to bring a rabbit home and trying to bond them with other pets;
  6. Rabbits can turn their ears 180 degrees and they are too good at listening to sounds. Their ears will pinpoint to the location of the sound;
  7. Rabbits have a vision of almost 360 degrees.

Strange rabbit facts:

  1. Rabbits have been vastly used for product safety testing. Therefore a rabbit symbol is used today on every product that has not been tested on animals;
  2. Due to the reproductive nature of rabbits and spreading quickly, they have become a symbol of richness in many cultures and religions. Hence the easter bunny has been associated with the Christian influence;
  3. Newly born rabbits are blind and have no fur for the first few days of their life;
  4. Rabbits are the third most abandoned animals in the shelters. So don’t buy rabbits if you can’t keep them and PLEASE no Easter bunnies as a gift for Christmas;
  5. Rabbits in pain or sick will hide it as much as attainable. So house rabbits truly need extra watching from their guardians.

Rabbit nutrition facts:

  1. Rabbits are herbivores. Their diet mostly contains grass, hay, and greens;
  2. Rabbits need several passes to completely break down their food. They will eat and later re-ingest their poops after the first pass to get all the nutrients they require;
  3. Rabbits cannot vomit. So you as a rabbit guardian, it is your duty to feed them a proper healthy diet;
  4. Traditionally we all have this idea that rabbits love carrots. On the contrary, rabbits must only be fed carrots every once in a while. As carrots are high in sugar that can cause health issues in rabbits. What do rabbits eat and what not?

Useless rabbit facts:

Well there is not much about useless rabbits facts but I have found one for you:

That is rabbits can be a huge headache for farmers if they are living around an agricultural area. Rabbits reproduce very fast and they can even overcome the human population there very fast.

As well as there is this a rabbit island in Japan. I have shared a video below. I bet you will love it.

Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy?

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