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15 Reasons rabbits are better pets at home than cats and dogs.

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Confused about which pet to bring home? Don’t know whether rabbits are a better pet for your home than owning cats and dogs?

What if I can give you 15 reasons and you can decide why rabbits are better pets at home.

Well, you are in the right place, in this post I will give you plenty of reasons to buy a rabbit or bunny and bring home.

Reasons why rabbits are better pets at home than cats and dogs:

You can be a cat or a dog person. I am a dog person as well. I had no interest in bringing home small pets. Until one day I bought a rabbit and brought her home.

Eventually, in time I fell in love with her. In the beginning, I had no idea how smart a rabbit can be and without doubt rabbits are one of the most adorable pet anyone can possess.

There is an article about the pros and cons of having pet rabbits, however, in this article, I have given reasons why I fell in love with the rabbit and therefore a house rabbit can be a better pet at home than cats and dogs:

1. Bunnies are not noisy:

YES, bunnies are very quiet. If you live in a neighborhood or perhaps in an apartment where dogs and cats are not allowed. The best thing you can do is bring a rabbit home.

Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits are very quiet and your neighbors won’t have to complain about your this adorable animal.

2. Rabbits can bond with their keepers:

I know you won’t believe that unless you get a pet rabbit of your own. Rabbits can easily recognize their owners and their voice.

Let me share a story, my rabbit always recognized me the moment I was back in the house from work. At first, I did not understand why she was jumping around.

But later I realized she was actually doing binkys as I am back in the house.

Every time I was in the house similar to a dog, my pet rabbit always stayed close to me. Often times she uses to sleep just near my feet.

This shows how much affection my rabbit had for me.

3. Binkys:

People who don’t own rabbits they won’t know what a rabbit binky is. Binkys are actually a way of rabbits to express their happiness!

Binkys are so much fun to look at and that will make you fall in love with your rabbits even more.

Below I have shared a video where you can see the bunnies doing binkies.

4. Rabbits are clean pets:

Rabbits are self-grooming animals similar to a cat. As well as they won’t make your house dirty pooping here and there.

When you own a dog, don’t you have to shower them often? But showers for rabbits is a no-no. Unless it is really necessary. Read here >>> When and how to bathe your rabbit?

Rabbits like to go toilet in a specific place all the time. Nevertheless, rabbits can be territorial too. They may spray urine everywhere to reveal their presence.

But they can surely be trained to use a litter box. Read here >>> How to litter train a bunny?

Once they are properly potty trained having a rabbit in the house is not a problem at all.

If your rabbit poops accidentally outside their litter box, it will not be a hassle for you cleaning their poops. Unlike cats and dogs rabbit poops are tiny and dry.

They even clean themselves after they have a meal. Check out the video below.

5. Rabbits can learn tricks because they are easily trainable:

Similar to dogs rabbits can be trained to do several different tricks and participate in competitions.

Besides teaching bunnies to use a litter box, they can as well learn to jump through hoops, run through puzzles.

If you put some time daily and reward them with treats after they perform a trick, trust me in no time the rabbit will be ready for show jumps!

Make sure you treat them with some excellent meals for them to better understand what are you expecting of them.

6. Rabbits are intelligent animals:

Well did you think rabbits are not smart? Well if they were not smart, then how do you think can you teach them to do tricks?

Well, they are smart animals and they can recognize your voice.

They know where is their litter box and what is the purpose of that litter box.

7. Rabbits can live either in a hutch or even cage-free in a garden or in your apartment:

You can raise rabbits or have them wherever you want to or however, you want to.

If you want to keep your rabbits in a hutch, that is fine with them.

In case you want to put the hutch outside in the garden that is also ok with your rabbits. Just be careful that you do not let your rabbits be drenched in the rain or get sick from overheating.

What if you want to raise your rabbits cage-free? That is also not a problem! You can raise your rabbits cage-free in your apartment as well as your garden.

8. Rabbits require less space than cats and dogs:

Rabbits do not need a lot of space to grow. They are small animals and can exercise in a small space.

If you are living in an apartment, just make sure you have a little running space available before you bring the bunny home.

The rabbits can use a small running space to run and jump around daily. Actually, it is required that you allow your rabbit to run and stretch for a couple of hours everyday, if they are living in a hutch all day.

That way your rabbit will be healthier and livelier.

Unlike dogs, you have to take them for a walk or a run outside daily so that the dogs can stretch and exercise. Rabbits can do the same exercise in a small running space provided to them.

9. Rabbits don’t need to go out for a walk:

As I mentioned previously that rabbits are happy with a small running space, unlike dogs which require a walk outside.

Your pet rabbits will be fine with the running space in your house. But a garden won’t be bad either for your rabbits.

If you allow your rabbits to run freely in the garden, just be careful of other predators. Because rabbits are prey animals.

Although rabbits do not require a walk, you can still take them out for a walk using the rabbit leash.

10. Rabbits can live for a long time:

In average a house rabbit lives for 12 years. Opposed to the rabbits those live in the wild that may only live up to three years.

Due to the fact house rabbits are taken care of, there are lesser health concerns, and your bunnies will live up to twelve years.

House rabbits are recommended to be spayed or neutered which helps for the rabbits to live a prolonged life as well.

11. Rabbits are satisfied with even spending a small amount of time with you:

Rabbits need companionship. But unlike dogs, they won’t get lonely if you are not in the house.

Some rabbit owners can leave their rabbit during the weekend and go on a tour. However before doing so read here >>> Can I leave my rabbit alone for the weekend?

But it is best if you bring a couple of rabbits for pets at home. Because rabbits are a sociable animal and the two rabbits can manage companion with each other while you are not home.

Although they are social, and if you keep a single rabbit in the house, your rabbit won’t get very lonely. But it is best you pet your rabbit for a small amount of time and play with them.

That way your rabbits will be livelier.

Interestingly cats and rabbits can go along together. If you have a rabbit, you can try to introduce a kitten to your rabbit but read the other article about >>> cats and rabbits which I posted before.

12. Rabbits require rescue:

You may think only dogs and cats require rescue. But there are so many rescue centers that shelter needy rabbits every year.

So if you want an adorable pet just contact your nearest pet shelter and you will find a very adorable rabbit to bring home as your new pet.

Here is a list of rabbit rescue groups in the USA >>> Click Here. In order to find a rabbit rescue center near you just do a simple Google search.

13. Rabbits have many different sizes and breeds too:

Every different breed of rabbit has a different color, texture, and size. There are over 50 different breeds of rabbits.

So don’t you think you can find one rabbit that you will fall in love with?

Choose a rabbit that is most suitable for you, because it is also known that every breed of rabbit has its own characteristics. So before bringing your new pet rabbit home, decide on a breed that will go along with your personality.

Depending on a rabbit breed a rabbit can be charming, spirited, affectionate, or perhaps shy and keep to themselves.

14. Bunnies are so cute:

Rabbits are furry and such a cute animal, that it is hard to resist playing with them. But be careful with these delicate animals.

They are cute and delicate at the same time. Everything a rabbit does looks so adorable.

From foraging to digging, trying to clean themselves after a meal, doing binkys, or maybe just hopping around in your house, everything looks so cute.

15. Rabbits love their food:

Rabbits are the cutest. Unless you own a rabbit you will never know the way a rabbit enjoys their meal.

From my personal experience I can tell you that everytime I was about to feed my rabbit, she was jumping around the house and following me everywhere.

My rabbit did that because she knew it is her meal time and she shows appreciation by being too excited for the meal.

Once I gave her the food she will just gulp on them, which is even cuter to look at.

A rabbit knows how to make their owner fall in love with them.

Below is a video of a rabbit eating strawberries.

If you have already decided to get a rabbit after reading this article, then you can read here to find >>> The bunny facts for new owners.

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