do rabbits smell

Rabbits don’t smell. Ammonia sure does.

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Now that I have got your attention, I will describe to you anything is the link between rabbit odor and ammonia.

Rabbits are excellent pets for your home. Similar to all species of pet keepers, rabbit owners do not like their house or pet animal cage to be odorous.

Fortunately, rabbits are the kind of animal you have to adopt if you want less trouble with neatness.

Do rabbits smell?

I am pretty sure rabbits smell terrible is a misconception circulated by someone who has never owned a rabbit.

Likewise, I always have had the idea that keeping house rabbits will be challenging for me.

Because I always identified rabbits as smelly. However, I also knew that these fluffy animals are unique pets.

Until I got my first rabbit, I adjusted my feelings about it.

So the simple answer to the question does rabbits smell is NO. The long answer to that question is that rabbits do not smell; it is the urine of rabbits that spreads odor. The odor will develop if the rabbit guardian is not cleaning the rabbit habitat frequently.

Now, if I assume the terrible smell inside the enclosure of a rabbit is an error of the rabbit guardian, I will not be wrong either.

Rabbits do not smell bad. If the rabbit cage is diffusing an odor, then it is the fault of the rabbit guardian.

Why do I insist rabbits not smell bad?

Rabbits are wonderful pets, whether you keep them indoors or raise them outdoors.

I state they are excellent pets because you do not have to take the hassle of bathing them or grooming them. The truth is that washing a rabbit can be dangerous and fatal for your rabbit.

So how do you think rabbits stay clean and not smelly?

Rabbits are self-grooming animals like a cat. Rabbits will self groom themselves and get free of all the dirt of their body.

There is no chance of your house rabbit staying dirty and diffuse odor.

If you keep two rabbits together, you will see that your rabbits will groom each other. That is how rabbits wash each other and show love for each other.

So how can you assume rabbits will smell bad?

It is natural for pet rabbits to lick their owners. Do you know why they touch their owners?

It means your bunny loves you so much and is showing his/her affection by brushing you. It is a way for rabbits to show their devotion by cleaning you.

So why do people deem rabbits smell bad? I will clarify all your confusion in the next section of this article.

Does rabbits poo smell?

If every other animal feces stink, why shall rabbit be any different?

Well, I told you earlier rabbits are a unique pet.

The subject do rabbits poop stink may come to your understanding before adopting a rabbit.

Yet, the truth is that rabbit feces do not stink. Rabbit feces are dry, and cleaning rabbit poop is not a concern.

Rabbit poop can be brushed off promptly and cleaned.

Remember this: your rabbit’s poop will only develop an odor if your rabbit is sick.

I hope you will not give any food to your pet rabbit that may cause watery feces.

A rabbit’s digestive system is susceptible and can get sick merely from a sudden change in its diet.

Other than that, rabbit poop is odor-free.

Have I said if your rabbit does smell worse, then it is the guardian’s fault?

I cannot mention it enough that if a house rabbit has an odor, it is the guardian’s misconduct.

It is not your rabbit that will smell poor; it is the rabbit habitat that will stink.

I cannot blame it on a first-time rabbit owner too. Like me, when I got my first rabbit, I had no idea how to raise a bunny.

Therefore my bunny grew up as the naughty one. I gave my rabbit the entire living room as the running space.

So she did whatever she liked there. She hopped around and relaxed wherever she fancied.

In a matter of a week, I started to notice my living room smells like ammonia.

I realized it was evident because my bunny is peeing wherever she finds it comfortable.

I thought there must be some way to stop her from peeing anywhere she wished. Or at least some kind of air freshener that is competent for using in a bunny habitat.

As I continued searching online, only then I apprehended bunnies could be potty trained too.

If you are an irresponsible rabbit owner, your rabbit’s habitat is bound to smell bad.

How do I anticipate that?

Any responsible rabbit owner, unlike me, will litter train their rabbits. Litter training your rabbit is the very first stage of keeping a pet rabbit.

If you miss out on doing so in the early stages, highly likely, your rabbit will give you a hard time.

If you try to enlighten your rabbit to use the litter box at a later time, your rabbit may act stubbornly.

Indeed there is no deficit of headstrong bunnies. Fortunately, my rabbit was not one of them. Or perhaps I was cleverer.

I noticed that my cute rabbit will always go in a specific corner to pee. Therefore it was evident for me to figure out where my rabbit’s toilet was.

So what I did is I prepared a litter box for my bunny and placed it in that corner.

And Voila, she started using that litter box every time she needed to pee. But occasionally, I noticed she would spray urine, which will sprinkle out of the litter box. Thus I bought a larger litter box for her and placed it in the same location.

The problem was solved. And no further ammonia smell in the house.

So I suppose now you may have understood why do I say each time that if your rabbit habitat stinks, it is the accountability of the rabbit guardian.

It is your failure to discipline your rabbit precisely and teach them where the go-to place for the toilet.

So instead of questioning do rabbits smell, you should be asking why your rabbits are stinking?

The reason why your rabbit may smell bad is either your rabbit is sick, or you are not maintaining decent hygiene in your rabbit’s enclosure.

How to get rid of the bunny odor?

So if you take responsibility for your bunnies, clean their habitat frequently, your rabbits will have no odor at all.

It is equally important to wash the bunnies litter box two-three times a week.

Otherwise, you will have the same problem as you had earlier.

A strong stink from rabbit urine.

There is also litter available in the market, which prevents the smell of urine from diffusing.


The odor of rabbit urine creates an unpleasant atmosphere. The smell can be intolerable if you are not cleaning the litter box often. As a result, you might want to give up your bunnies.

Nevertheless, the truth is that rabbits are spotless and dense furred animals. They are so cute that it is impossible not to love them.

If you love them, they will love you back, and they will show their affection by grooming you.

There is not a single chance your rabbit will stink, and if they do so, the rabbit guardian has to admit his/her guilt.

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