rabbits as pets pros and cons

Pros and Cons of Pet Rabbits.

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You want a new pet but wondering whether getting a house rabbit is the right choice?

Rabbits are very cute animals, however, rabbits are considered exotic animals because they are very different from cats and dogs or other domestic animals.

Before you get a pet rabbit, read all the advantages and disadvantages of having rabbits as pets in this article.

Regardless of what breed of rabbit you choose as your pet, this Rabbits as Pets Pros and Cons here will be a good reference for you to start.

Once you finish reading this post and understand how to deal with house rabbits, you can clearly decide whether to go get yourself house rabbits or not.

I cannot write about everything you need to know about pet rabbits in one article. Doing so will be overwhelming for you. Hence I have gone through the important topics only.

Pros and Cons of Pet Rabbits.

When you will bring a rabbit home, without a doubt this rabbit will make you happy. No one can get bored when together with a rabbit.

I wish I could give you everything you need to know about pet rabbits in this article but it is not possible because I can talk about rabbits all day.

I will begin with the pros of having pet rabbits.

PROS of having rabbits as pets:

Rabbits are Intelligent and Charming.

Rabbits are very adorable small animals. They are like soft cotton balls. Being very intelligent they can also be trained to do tricks.

Rabbits can easily recognize your and when trained in an appropriate way they can understand simple instructions you give them.

So when you are lonely, you can cuddle your rabbits and your sadness will shallow. Rabbits are so cute and really fun to just watch them playing around in your house.

I remember working on my laptop during the late hours and my cute rabbit DAYA always quietly sat next to my feet.

She never made me feel lonely during the late hour.

My boyfriend was my rabbit’s most favorite. Whenever my boyfriend returns home she expresses her happiness by doing binkies. My boyfriend loves DAYA too.

Rabbits are clean animals.

These small pets are a really clean animal, unlike many others. They self-groom to keep themselves clean and you can hardly find any fur in your home when you keep your rabbit indoors.

Due to the fact rabbits self-groom themselves, you hardly need to give them a bath. Rabbits do not need a bath except they are sick and cant self-clean.

Another time when they require a bathe is if they are having a bad digestion as a result soft stools. Soft stools might make your rabbit’s anus region dirty.

So above mentioned are the only times a rabbit requires a bathe. Other than that you don’t even have to care about giving them a bath in 6 months.

Showering them with water without proper safety measure also can be deadly for them.

Rabbits can be potty trained.

You can correlate this with rabbits being clean animals. Having rabbits in your house in no way will make your house dirty.

But only if you train them to use a litter box when required. So if they already are litter trained you don’t have to worry about letting them live in your house or apartment.

Whenever it is necessary your rabbit will know where to find the designated area and use the litter box.

So less cleaning will be required on your part. Potty/litter trainer rabbits will only pee and poop in one place and that will save your house from becoming stinky.

I did the mistake of not litter training my rabbit at first, and she kept peeing everywhere resulting in an intolerable odor inside my apartment.

Once taught how and when to use the litter box, my rabbit did not make my apartment stinky anymore.

A trained bunny despite being in a cage will still use a litter box. This will lead to a less hassle for you to clean the cage. Every once in week cleaning the rabbit cage will be fine.

Rabbits have a pretty good lifespan.

Although rabbits are small animals, they have a life expectancy of 8-12 years on average. Depending on how well they are taken care of they may live longer or lesser.

Compared to other small pets rabbits have a better lifespan. As a result, when you bring a rabbit home, you will learn to be responsible for animals, and you will fall in love with them.

Fortunately, they are not going to leave you in a short period of time. They will give you company for a good few years.

House Rabbit CONS:

Bunnies are delicate small pets and not perfect for small children.

If you think you are going to bring bunnies home, so that your children can spend time and play with the rabbits, then you are wrong.

Bunnies are good companions but are very sensitive. Small children may find bunnies very cute but your children will not know how to handle a small rabbit with care.

Rabbits are naturally prey animals and if your children grab them off the ground, your rabbits will tend to think they are being taken by a predator.

This will make your rabbit very uncomfortable, even if they were seized to be cuddled by your children.

Rabbits are delicate and have soft bones, so being not careful with rabbit around also may result in many incidents like fracturing a rabbit’s bone.

Don’t buy rabbits if you already have cats or dogs in the house.

You think rabbits and other pet can be friends? Well, perhaps you are right but cats and dogs are the predator kind animals. They can show aggression towards your small pet time to time.

Even if your dogs fall in love with your rabbit and want to spend time together, being a large animal, a dog might injure your rabbits unintentionally.

Rabbits are soft sensitive animals and can easily get sick.

A cat might give fleas to your rabbits. So keeping rabbits far from cats is the best practice. Fleas are very dangerous for your rabbit’s health.

Bunnies have very complex dietary.

Their digestive system is not as strong as most other animals. Rabbits mostly need food with high fiber. A little change in their food menu can get them sick.

After you bring changes to their menu you must observe their stool the next day, to find any sign of sickness. Soft stools always mean the food you gave them was not suitable for their digestive system.

An adult rabbit’s diet must contain 75-80% timothy hay. A young rabbit (usually under 7 months) needs alfalfa hay.

But don’t let this keep you away from getting pet rabbits. Read Here to learn everything about a Rabbit’s diet.

Veterinary cost is higher compared to other pets.

Rabbits are still considered as exotic pets today. Exotic pets’ veterinary cost is always expensive. But the good news is rabbit veterinaries are on the rise.

Some people think it is OK to go to the cats and dogs veterinary. But you must not do that. You should always visit a rabbit vet if necessary.

Let me give you an advice, the only way to avoid vets and the expensive cost is by taking good care of your rabbits. Rabbits don’t get sick easily. But they get sick when not treated properly, and sickness is often lethal for your rabbits.

As rabbits have a very complex dietary, you must be extra careful with what you are feeding them. This is the best way to avoid extra vet cost. Be wise with what food you choose for your rabbit.

Rabbits need large space.

Well, rabbits are small animals but genetically they are wild animals which later was domesticated.

What it means is it’s your rabbit’s nature to live in a bigger space. Most appropriate space for your rabbit is your garden or patio.

But you have decided to get rabbits and keep them in a large cage? That’s not the finest idea. Most cages out there are too small for your rabbits.

Rabbits need space. Maybe you can build a large cage yourself for your rabbit and leave them in the backyard.

What if you don’t have a backyard? Well, there are excellent enclosures for indoors too. However, while you keep your rabbits in a cage indoors, you shall allow them to roam freely every once in a while inside your apartment.

That way your rabbit will get some needed exercise and will be livelier.

Rabbits love chewing.

As I mentioned in the earlier subhead that you need to allow your rabbit to roam freely within your apartment every once in a while.

That has to lead to my final cons for having pet rabbits.

Rabbits’ teeth grow continuously throughout their whole life. So they love to chew. They have to chew on stuff they find suitable.

Rabbits don’t care if it is your iPhone X ‘s cable or not. Rabbits will bite, chew and tear it apart.

So you have to learn to bunny proof your home. There are many ways you can bunny-proof your house.

Whether you bunny-proof your home or you go wireless with all your electronics.

Because if you think you will replace all the cables, and wires everytime your bunny chews, you are going to end up spending more money than going wireless in the beginning.

Trust me on these because I have seen a lot doing the same mistake instead of bunny proofing the house in the beginning. I hope you will not do the same.

Final Words.

I actually couldn’t touch on everything you need to know about pet rabbits. But I believe “rabbits as pets pros and cons” article will be a good aid for you.

I can write all day about rabbits but I want to hear from you as well what do you think are the pros and cons of having house rabbits. Please comment below.

Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy?

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2 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Pet Rabbits.”

  1. I like how you said that rabbits are like soft cotton balls. My daughter watched a TV show and she saw a rabbit and now she wants me to get her one. It is nice to know that rabbits are clean animals and I will talk to my wife to see what she thinks about getting a rabbit to our daughter.

    1. Nice to know your daughter wants a rabbit as a pet. Rabbits are really cute and delicate pets. As well as they can be potty trained. It may take some time to potty train them, on the contrary, their droppings are odorless, dry and easy to clean. So lesser hassle for you.

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