can rabbits eat broccoli

Can rabbits eat broccoli?

Broccoli is a super healthy vegetable for human beings. If you suppose a vegetable is beneficial for you means it’s as good as for your pet rabbits, then you might be wrong here.

Brocolli is a delicious vegetable, and rabbits love it. But rabbits in the wild prefer something else other than the broccoli floret.

So why is it wild rabbits prefer something else over broccoli floret?

That’s because rabbits in the wild understand what is best for their health.

I explained in this post why you must feed broccoli to house rabbits moderately and which part of the broccoli is suitable for them.

  • Can rabbits eat broccoli?
  • How much broccoli is suitable for rabbits?
  • How to feed broccoli to rabbits?
  • Are broccoli leaves healthier than the floret?
  • Can baby rabbits eat broccoli?

Without a doubt, broccoli is a vitamin-rich vegetable with numerous benefits, but broccoli can never be a meal replacement for rabbits.

Can rabbits eat broccoli?

Rabbits can eat broccoli, but broccoli is not a meal replacement for rabbits.

Rabbits need a diet rich in fiber, and most of it can get from hay and dry grass.

Broccoli is a vegetable, and it can hydrate rabbits. Broccoli is a vegetable rich in minerals and contains fiber. But considering the little fiber rabbits gain from broccoli, it alone cannot be a meal replacement.

On the contrary, broccoli can help rabbits gain many essential minerals and vitamins for their excellent health.

Hence, broccoli is recommended for rabbits but moderately.

Too much broccoli in a rabbit’s diet will interrupt the digestive system.

Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable, and cruciferous vegetables typically cause gas inside the stomach.

We, as human beings, become uncomfortable if gas forms inside the stomach. Imagine how bad it can be for your delicate fluffy friends.

 A little unusual diet makes rabbits sick. So if you treat your pet rabbits more broccoli than suggested, gas will form inside their stomach, and your pet rabbits will have extreme discomfort.

If too much gas forms, you will see signs of sickness in your rabbits. So what are the symptoms of a sick rabbit from overfeeding broccoli?

  1. Your rabbit will lay down unusually. Or the rabbits might sit up straight;
  2. You can occasionally listen to unusual sound coming from your rabbit’s stomach;
  3. If your rabbit has gas inside the stomach, it will be reluctant to eat anything;
  4. Rabbits with extreme discomfort may stop eating;
  5. Rabbits are having soft stools.

Similarly, overfeeding rabbits with broccoli can bring about obesity in rabbits. Broccoli has a high level of sugar and can be considered a treat for your rabbits.

So yes, treating your rabbits with broccoli once in a while is good. Your rabbits will be happy and healthy without affecting their health.

How much broccoli is suitable for rabbits?

By now, you know what would happen to your pet rabbits if you don’t serve them the right amount of broccoli.

House rabbits won’t understand much what is good and bad for their health. They will munch on to anything they find delicious.

Some rabbits would show no interest in having broccoli because all rabbits are unique and have different preferences.

But if your rabbit likes broccoli, you must feed them no more than a tablespoon per 2lbs of their body weight.

I will clarify further: If your pet rabbit weighs 4 pounds, then you can treat it with two tablespoons of broccoli for each serving.

It would be best if you did not serve broccoli to your rabbits every day. Give them broccoli two times a week to bring a variation to their taste buds.

That way, your rabbits will be happier, and you will build a strong bonding with your pet rabbits.

More broccoli than what I suggested above will make your rabbits sick.

  • Gas will form inside the rabbit’s stomach.
  • Likewise, excess sugar in the broccoli will contribute to an overweight rabbit.

You, as the rabbit guardian, have the responsibility to take care of your pet rabbits.

Once you give your rabbit broccoli for the first time, observe your pet rabbit’s behavior for the next 24 hours.

Do they have symptoms of sickness?

Introducing new food to a rabbit’s diet can cause loose stool. If the signs of sickness remain after 24 hours, you must take your rabbits to the vet.

A rabbit will rarely show signs of sickness for more than 24 hours if you treat the suitable portion of broccoli to them, as I mentioned in this post.

How to feed broccoli to rabbits?

Before you feed any vegetable to your pet rabbits, always rinse the vegetable thoroughly in water.

Get rid of all the pesticides and harsh chemicals from the vegetable. Any harsh chemical ingested by rabbits can be fatal for them. So take the time to wash the broccoli and then serve it to them.

Some people also want to know that is it alright to serve house rabbits broccoli leaves or the stalk.

I don’t suggest serving the broccoli stalk to rabbits because broccoli stalks can also form gas inside the rabbit’s stomach.

However, broccoli leaves are a healthy option for rabbits.

Are broccoli leaves healthier than the floret?

Rabbits in the wild prefer to eat more broccoli leaves than the broccoli floret or the stalk.

Wild rabbits understand which is better for their health. They also eat more leaves, probably because broccoli leaves are tastier for them.

Broccoli leaves are rich in fiber compared to the broccoli floret or the stalk. Broccoli leaves are also the least like to form gas inside the rabbit’s stomach.

If you want to serve broccoli leaves to your pet rabbits, do it properly, as I mentioned for broccoli earlier.

Feeding broccoli leaves to rabbits will allow them to have more fiber besides minerals and vitamins similar to the broccoli floret.

Can baby rabbits eat broccoli?

Baby rabbits should not have anything other than breast milk. Baby rabbits can acquire all the essential nutrition for their growth from breastfeeding.

Thus feeding broccoli to baby rabbits is unnecessary and can lead to the death of baby rabbits.

So don’t think about giving treats to baby rabbits because they don’t need them.