do snakes eat rabbits

Do snakes eat rabbits?

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Are you confused about living your rabbits outdoor or indoors due to the danger from predators such as snakes?

I will explain why you shouldn’t keep your rabbits outdoors even if you think they are safe in a rabbit cage.

Likewise, there are many precautions you can take to save your rabbits from snakes.

  1. You can have a sturdy hutch to raise rabbits outdoors;
  2. Regularly cleaning your rabbit habitat will not attract predators;
  3. Place your rabbit cages far from plants and bushes where snakes may hide.

Now let’s discuss the main point of this article, do snakes eat rabbits?

Snakes are carnivorous predators, and rabbits are prey animals. Thus rabbits are in danger from snakes. Although not all snakes can eat rabbits, any snake over two feet long can eat rabbit kittens. Similarly, adult rabbits are under threat from snakes above six feet long.

How do snakes eat rabbits?

Snakes are carnivores that typically swallow their prey.

Unlike other predators, snakes cannot chew before swallowing. Snakes either kill their prey before eating, or sometimes they consume them alive.

Once a snake swallows a prey alive, the prey animal dies inside the snake’s body due to muscle contraction.

The same goes for rabbits and their kittens.

If snakes find rabbits outdoor in a cage that is not sturdy, the snake can easily break into the cage and kill a rabbit.

Especially domesticated rabbits are a specific target for snakes.

If your pet rabbits are outdoors inside a cage with big enough gaps for a snake to pass through, your rabbits are vulnerable to a snake’s attack.

Once a snake is inside a rabbit cage outdoors, there is no way the pet rabbit can run or save its life.

The snake will either kill the rabbit before eating or may swallow it right away.

However, it is very likely a tiny snake will go inside the cage to eat a rabbit.

If it’s a giant snake, it can easily break into a flimsy rabbit cage to kill pet rabbits.

A rabbit sleeping outdoors at night is really in danger from snakes. There are several ways to keep rabbits safe from snakes. However, it is also essential to understand the behavior of snakes to keep them away from your pet rabbits.

What kind of snakes eat rabbits?

Rabbit kittens are in danger from any snake that is over two feet long. Any snake that is over six feet long can easily swallow an adult rabbit.

Rabbits in the wild know several survival techniques: To run in zigzag motion while being chased by a predator.

Domesticated rabbits never learn such survival techniques. Therefore, if they ever see a snake and the snake’s aggression, your pet rabbit can die just from the shock of the sight.

Instead of thinking about what kind of snakes eat rabbits, you must emphasize creating a safe habitat for your rabbit where they will be happy and relaxed.

Yet, I want to mention that pet rabbits are vulnerable to all types of predators, and all snakes can harm them in one way or another.

Do snakes eat adult rabbits?

In the wild, adult rabbits are not an easy target for snakes. Yes, a snake can eat adult rabbits, but rabbits are not an easy target all the time.

Wild rabbits run very fast and are intelligent animals. They can quickly sense a predator in the vicinity. Once they feel danger, they can hide somewhere in a flash.

On the contrary, domesticated rabbits don’t have much survival instinct.

If your adult pet rabbits are outdoors, regardless of free-range or inside a cage, they are always in danger.

Giant snakes can easily break into a flimsy hutch, and your adult rabbits will have nowhere to run or hide. Thus any snake over six feet long can break into a cage of your pet rabbits, and they will eat adult rabbits.

How do you protect your pet rabbits from snakes?

To protect your pet rabbits, you must keep your rabbits indoors or someplace where snakes can’t reach.

If your rabbit cage is outdoors and snakes can easily reach the habitat, your rabbits are vulnerable.

Place your rabbit cage in a clean place.

Keep the surroundings of your rabbit cage clean. Mow the grasses and clean up any bush. Doing so will not allow snakes to hide near your rabbit cage.

If the surrounding is clean, you can notice if there is predator close to your rabbit cage.

It is common for predators to visit places where they can find food. As snakes are carnivores, they will try to stay close to the rabbit cage and wait for the right time.

Typically snakes will attack your rabbits at night.

But not having any place to hide will allow you to protect your pet rabbits.

The best thing you can do is keep rabbit cages in a place where no predators can reach. Such as inside the garage or your house, which not indoors yet safe.

Another thing you can do is keep your rabbit habitat clean. Don’t keep water or any leftover food in the rabbit hutch for an extended period.

That will also attract snakes and other predators to the rabbit cage when they are hungry.

Check rabbit habitat at least two times a day and clean it.

Lastly, the most important thing to do is buy a sturdy rabbit hutch.

Commercial sturdy hutches are not enough.

Once you buy a hutch, you can still add some extra layers of mesh nets to the hutch for extra safety.

I can’t mention enough that caged pet rabbits are more vulnerable to snake attacks than their wild counterparts.

Thus the best thing to do is to build a hutch that a snake can’t break-in.

Also, check for any holes in your pet rabbit’s cage and block it with anything.

Small snakes can quickly get inside the cage through holes.

Any gap that is bigger than half an inch must be blocked.

The same goes for the mesh nets of your rabbit cage. Use sturdy mesh nets with gaps less than a half-inch.

Anything more extensive than that prevents other predators from attacking, but a snake can comfortably get inside the rabbit cage.

There are stories of snakes getting inside a rabbit cage to eat rabbits through tiny holes.

However, once they got inside the cage and swallowed a rabbit, the snake couldn’t go out back through the small gap anymore.

Also, place your rabbit cage high from the ground. There should be at least three feet of ground clearance for the rabbit cage. That way, the rabbit cage will be out of reach from many predators, including snakes.

If you are willing to be a good rabbit guardian, taking such precautions will allow keeping your rabbits with you years after years.

Can snakes eat indoor rabbits?

Rabbits are vulnerable to snakes regardless of where you raise them.

If you raise rabbits indoors, there are likely to be safer than outdoors. Nevertheless, if in your area there are snakes or if you have a pet snake at your place, then your rabbits are in danger.

Pet rabbits and pet snakes cannot be friends.

Rabbits are prey animals, and snakes are predators. Therefore expecting them to stay in harmony indoors will be a mistake.

Even if you believe that your pet snake might not harm your pet rabbits, you must find one day that a rabbit is missing.

Likewise, if in your area you see snakes often, it is best to block all the gaps in your house through which snakes can get inside.

That way, your home will be safe for you and your rabbits.

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