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Buy Safe Toys for Bunnies to Play With.

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Do you have thoughts of buying rabbit chew toys, which will not allow your rabbits to be lonely even without you?

There are so many bunny toys out there in the market but not all of them seem safe for your cute pet rabbits.

Bunnies need safe chew toys to avoid boredom and look even cuter.

Therefore I have listed 7 of the safest bunny toys in this post which you can purchase online anytime.

Rabbits are intelligent animals and get bored easily.

If you are too tired or can’t manage time to play with your bunnies or pet rabbits, I suggest getting at least one or two toys for bunnies to play with.

Rabbit toys will keep your rabbits busy and prevent them from being lonely.

Best 7 chew toys for bunnies to play with:

Whenever you are about to buy a rabbit toy, just think this:

What are your rabbits’ favorite activities?

These are any rabbits’ top favorite actions:

  • Digging,
  • Chewing,
  • Hiding,
  • Running through tunnels,
  • Climbing,
  • Flinging

They prefer all these activities and they require these exercises to stay healthy and happy as well.

So before you buy a rabbit toy consider any one or two of these above activities for your bunnies.

I have tried all the toys mentioned in this list article. These toys will allow your bunnies to play and at the same time participate in one or more of the activities a rabbit likes:

Do bunnies need chew toys?

Bunnies are a social animal and tend to get very bored very fast. To keep them entertained, a rabbit guardian must provide them with bunny chew toys.

Bunny chew toys are cheap and can be bought in many pet stores.

However, not all bunny chew toys are safe for bunnies. It is better to buy bunny chew toys online or from Amazon only after you read the reviews carefully.

Hence this article is going to guide you through some of the better and safe rabbit toys out there in the market.

Just a heads up if your bunnies are not getting enough attention from you, they will really need some toys to play with. A lonely bunny will get stressed very fast.

Read here for >>> Rabbit signs of stress.

A stressed rabbit will have a reduced rabbit lifespan.

What toys do bunnies play with?

Bunnies mostly like to play with toys that allow them to chew on.

Although domestic bunnies are raised differently, their natural characteristics are not different from their wild counterpart. Therefore bunnies have the behavior of foraging, digging, hiding, etc.

That is why toys that enable a rabbit to hide relax and forage is a good option as well.

For those who do not have time to read the full article, you can check the list of toys as follows:

  1. Activity Balls;
  2. Handmade Grass Bed;
  3. Hanging chew toy by Kaytee;
  4. Wooden chew toys for rabbits;
  5. Fiddle sticks bridge;
  6. Three-way rabbit tunnel;
  7. Cardboard Castle.

Activity Balls

My most favorite rabbit toy is this balls made up of natural materials like grass and willows. This pack of three balls is rabbits favorite.

Rabbit toys
Rabbit toys

Each ball is approximately 3inches in diameter.

My rabbits get absolutely obsessed with the willow balls and it is a great time pass for them. But these balls do not last a long time.

It may take a day for one rabbit to completely rip apart a ball and nibble into it. You will be surprised to see the balls disappear so quickly, and that’s because your rabbits love playing with it.

The balls are harmless for your rabbits and edible. So you don’t have to worry about your rabbits chewing on it.

It is a good exercise as well for your rabbits.

Do not give your rabbits all three balls at the same time because they will dismantle all three of them in no time and will make a total mess of your house when they are indoors.

What I do is give them one at a time and the next one once they are completely done with the first one. It is a good stress reliever and at the same time a great chew toy for your rabbits.

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Handmade Grass Bed

Rabbit bed
Rabbit bed

This handmade grass bed is another amazing toy for your rabbits. The reason is your rabbits can use it as a bed as well as they can chew on it.

This grass bed is made of 100% edible hay for rabbits.

My rabbit just loved it when I gave her this grass bed. She loved chewing on it while sitting on it. It is a great chew toy for bunnies.

The only reason why it has the second spot because it doesn’t last a long time. Because your rabbits will absolutely love chewing on it.

It may take only maximum 2 weeks for a rabbit to completely eat the whole thing.

You will soon notice that your rabbits are using it as their bed for sleeping.

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Kaytee Hanging Chew Toy

Rabbit chew toy
Rabbit chew toy

This cute chew toy is multifunctional. Kaytee did a good job in making a hanging toy that works as a good decoration for your rabbit’s cage and a chew toy as well.

Your rabbit may not show any interest in this hanging toy at first but eventually, they will start to like it.

Your rabbits will not be bored anymore and have a good workout session trying to have a grip on this hanging chew toy.

This chew toy is made of wood and pretty durable. Even your rabbits chew on it regularly a hanging toy will easily last over a month.

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Wooden Chew Toys for Rabbit Workout.

Rabbit toys
Rabbit toys

This set of three toys are a must-have for your pet rabbits. The set includes a ball, a dumbbell, and a roller. The roller and the ball has a bell inside which really sounds cute when your bunnies play with them.

But if you do not like too much noise, I suggest perhaps these toys are not for your house rabbits. Yet you can give it a try.

Because your rabbits are going to love playing with the rollers, dumbbell, and the ball.

Trying to push and rolling on these toys will benefit your rabbits by giving them a good workout session.

Consider ordering this if you want your rabbits to be happy and healthy.

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Fiddle Sticks Bridge

This bridge is made of wood and is easily foldable to different shapes. The colored fiddle sticks are appealing to rabbits and look good for decorating your rabbits’ habitat as well.rabbit chew toys

You can bend it into a ladder, bridge or a hideout for your rabbits. But my rabbit likes it as a hideout when I left it as an arch in her running space.

If you keep it as a hideout, it is only good for one rabbit. Best part it’s durable and very safe even if your rabbit chews on it.

But probably due to the colors your rabbit won’t bother chewing on it.

This fiddle sticks bridge can be used as guards for your wooden furniture legs so that your rabbit doesn’t chew on your furniture.

So this fiddle sticks bridge is multifunctional and actually is a helpful toy for bunny guardians.

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Three-Way Rabbit Tunnel

Rabbits most favorite activity is digging through a tunnel. However, your house rabbits do not get that opportunity.

toys for bunnies to play with

But fortunately, this 3-way tunnel was made to give your rabbits the feel of hiding in a tunnel. Your rabbits will enjoy running through it.

They can hide inside the tunnel and sleep inside of it.

Hopping around from one end to the other end will excite your bunnies. they will be happier than ever before.

This tunnel is easy to clean in case your rabbit poops inside of it. Due to the reason, it is short you can purchase more of these tunnels and connect them to give your rabbits a bigger adventure.

Rabbits love digging and running through tunnels, so you can only imagine this tunnel is going ti be a great toy for your rabbits.

I have two of this tunnel in my house and both of them are still good for use even after a year.

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Cardboard Castle

This is an excellent product. Enough room to accommodate two rabbits and it has 3 for bunnies to play with

Best for rabbits that tend to climb up and down. Your rabbits can sleep inside the cardboard castle or can use it for a good exercise session running up and down.

Suitable for placing it in your apartment or rabbits’ running space.

The castle is made of harmless materials for rabbits. So you rabbits can chew on it too.

My rabbits have chewed on it for so long but amazingly the castle was still standing very well.

If you want to keep your rabbits in a free-range environment then this cardboard castle is a must-have toy for you bunnies.

The greatest thing even after your rabbits chew on this cardboard castle, the cardboard castle will easily last a year.

Your rabbits will enjoy playing with this castle and so will you enjoy watching your rabbits going in and out of it.

Without a doubt, your rabbits will love hiding in this castle and relax.

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Unsafe toys for bunnies to play with.

You as a rabbit guardian do not want to purchase any toy that is going to become fatal for your rabbits.

Therefore in this article, I have only mentioned the toys that I have found safe for my bunnies to play with.

Next time when you buy a toy always look if the toys are made from 100% rabbit safe materials. If not then never buy those toys.

Avoid toys that contain glue and harmful dyes to look nice.

Do not buy toys that are made for other small pets. Toys made for other animals may not be suitable at all for your bunnies.

Only buy the right toys for bunnies to play with.

There is so many DIY rabbit toys article and in my next article, I will speak about that.

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