How to raise happy & healthy rabbits! (For excited rabbit owners.)

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Need help raising your rabbit?

Get this ebook to help you raise healthy and happy rabbits successfully! Skip the trial and error, and trying to figure things out along the way when raising your rabbit as a first time rabbit owner.

Why should you buy this e-book?

Buy this book if you are dedicated to raising a happy and healthy rabbit, and you want your rabbit to have an amazing quality of life!

How much money will you save by buying this ebook?

You should save at least $1000 USD over the lifetime of your rabbit by investing in this ebook. 

The last thing you want to deal with is unforeseen costs because you decided to raise a rabbit. Most rabbit owners will spend anywhere from $600-1000 in vet fees to raise their rabbit.


There’s also the cost of food waste due to buying the wrong kind of rabbit food, which can easily cost you $100-2000 over the lifespan of your rabbit.


Getting care from a vet for your rabbit can be quite costly. Each visit may cost you on average $25-55 per visit.


You can easily save on costs by keeping your rabbit as happy and healthy as possible. This will minimize the frequency of visits to the vet and additional medication and supplement costs.


Having bored rabbits will also make your rabbit miserable, which means you will need to tend to your rabbit more to keep it happy. This will lower your productivity. If you work or study, this can be costly. 


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