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Buy Cheap Rabbit Cages for Sale.

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Are you looking for a rabbit cage or a rabbit condo for sale? You are determined to buy rabbits and want to give your rabbit the most comfortable and safest enclosure.

Well, I am going to tell which will be the best enclosure for these adorable small animals. I have compared and found the six best cheap rabbit cages for sale all under 99 USD.

After reading this article you can conclude which is the most suitable outdoor and indoor bunny cage for your rabbits as well as you can simply buy a rabbit cage online.

In this post, I have explained about spacious and safe rabbit cages for both indoors and outdoors. Similarly, I have written about the only best indoor bunny condo out there in the market.

In case you don’t have the time to read this extended article, you may merely check the TOP 6 Cheap Rabbit Cages by clicking the links below:

  1. Deluxe Rabbit Habitat
  2. Indoor Rabbit Condo
  3. Rabbit PlayPen DIY
  4. Trixie Rabbit Hutch for Outdoor
  5. Merax Outdoor Rabbit Cage
  6. SmithBuilt Outdoor Rabbit Condo

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Having a cute pet rabbit is easy but choosing an excellent home for this cute animal is the difficult part. But I will help ease your trouble.

Factors to consider before buying cheap rabbit cages for sale.

  • How many rabbits will you buy now?
  • Are you going to buy one today and buy two more rabbits later? Perhaps you will fall in love with rabbits and buy more.
  • Where will you keep your rabbits? Indoors or outdoors?
  • How often are you going to clean your rabbit cages?
  • Do you have enough space to place a large rabbit cage or you need an indoor bunny condo?

What’s the bottom line?

Considering all these three factors before buying bunny crates is important in order to not spend on buying another bunny cage in the future.

So, I always suggest buying a bigger enclosure.

Likewise, if you have two small rabbits today and you can accommodate them in a small cage, eventually they will grow up and the room inside the bunny cage will not be sufficient for them to move.

Do you want to irritate these small animals in a small room? I don’t think so.

Let me say this, whatever you buy online or from an offline pet shop, you will always receive what you pay for.


I don’t think it’s a better option to always buy cheap rabbit cages. Cheap rabbit cages often don’t include the necessary accessories for your rabbit.

Meaning you have to spend some extra bucks on buying the necessary accessories for your bunny.

However, from my personal recognition, I have found these six cages described below are the best compared to all other cheap rabbit cages.

Why is that?

Although you pay under 100 USD for the rabbit cages described below, these bunny cages come with the basic accessories required for your rabbit.

They include:

  • The food dish
  • Liquid feeder
  • Litter box
  • Pull out tray
  • Other features.

A cheap cage often may not come with all the useful things for a rabbit.

Purchasing all these goods separately will result in more expenditure for you.

Yet if you are looking for rabbit cages in the lower end, continue reading because this article is all about affordable rabbit cages.

Cheap indoor rabbit cages for rabbits’ maximum comfort.

There are several kinds of bunny cages you can buy online and offline for indoors. Depending on the factors mentioned above and your personal obligations, you can purchase any one of them.

I have written in details about the three kinds of cheap indoor rabbit cages.

Number 1 in the Top 3 cheap indoor rabbit cages.

My first recommendation for any bunny lover is the Cheap deluxe rabbit habitat. This cage is perfect for keeping your rabbit indoors.

Cheap rabbit cages for sale.
Cheap rabbit cages for sale.

If you are concerned about providing your rabbit some extra room, then there is no better option than this Deluxe rabbit habitat. Rabbits are small animals and don’t require a lot of space to play around.

But it doesn’t’ mean your bunny will not be happy with this large cage to be active inside.

I personally like to let the rabbit run around in my house. But if you don’t want your rabbit to litter everywhere around your house, then buy this bunny cage. (Learn to litter train your rabbits here)

Don’t underestimate the size of this crate seeing from the picture. This cage is actually enormous for two or three full-grown rabbits.

This rabbit cage comes in several different sizes and pricing. To check the current price click here.

This cheap indoor rabbit cage comes with a food dish, a liquid feeder, and a hay guard. So that you don’t have to pay that extra money for purchasing all the necessary accessories.

It comes with all the good stuff you need for your rabbits’ comfort.

The best part:

The food dish and the rabbit feeder is located outside the cage enclosure, which allows you to easily refill when it’s required.

Your rabbit can eat from inside the cage and, not having the feeders inside the cage will allow your rabbits with some extra room for themselves.

Your rabbits are definitely going to love this new home.

Are you about to buy your first rabbit? Then no need to think further just buy this cheap rabbit cage online or from your nearest pet shop.

The cage is large and has a plastic bottom, which makes it less heavy and can easily be moved around in case you have to.

It can be opened from the top, for easy access for you inside the cage. Whenever you want your little bunny to run around in the house you can pull them out of the cage and let them run in your house.

That’s’ not all:

This rabbit cage already has a small compartment inside the cage for your cute pet animals to hide when they want.

Your sweet bunny has a personal room whenever they need a quiet place to sleep or rest anytime. Rabbits are small animals and often like to hide if they are scared.

This cage has that small room for your rabbits to relax when they need to.

Overall this living world deluxe rabbit habitat is perfect for any rabbit lover who wants to keep their rabbit indoor yet give all the comforts to them.

However, before you bring your first rabbit home read here >>> Bunny facts for new owners.

My second favorite cage for indoor rabbits is:

2. The Indoor Rabbit Condo for Sale – Multi level Rabbit Hutch?

This particular rabbit condo is a great option for someone who has only one bunny. I wouldn’t really recommend this four level 36 inches condo for someone who has two or more rabbits.

First, this condo is not so spacious. Yes, it does have four levels for your rabbit to play around climbing up and down but it doesn’t have that space to accommodate two medium-sized rabbits.

Cheap rabbit hutch for sale.
Cheap rabbit hutch for sale.

I wouldn’t consider buying this cage even for two baby rabbits because eventually your rabbits will grow and you will have to spend again on a bigger bunny cage.

Here’s the deal:

If your goal is to buy a cheap indoor bunny condo for one rabbit then this rabbit condo is perfect for indoors.

Do you fancy a multi-level rabbit hutch?

You may allow your bunny to play around your apartment all day and pass her inside the cage only during the night. Everything depends on your mood.

Likewise, with the rabbit being in the cage all day, it won’t mind because s/he can stay active inside this indoor rabbit condo all day.

Now this rabbit condo comes with the same accessories as the deluxe rabbit habitat. This four-level condo has a food dish and a liquid feeder located outside.


Locating the food dish and the liquid feeder outside the cage saves some room inside for the rabbit.

Are you worried about what your bunny will eat in case you are not home? Well, you simply leave some food in the dish and your rabbit can eat whenever they are hungry.

You can refill it from outside the cage when the food finishes.

This indoor bunny condo has a removable tray in the bottom for cleaning all the waste your rabbit produces.

Some cages don’t include the tray which makes cleaning the cage a hassle.

The more difficult part:

You have to train your rabbit to learn how to use the litter box. Want to know how to litter train a rabbit?

Learn now or else you will be tired of cleaning your floor every time your rabbit makes it dirty.

You see when I didn’t teach my rabbit to use the potty, she used my full apartment as her litter box, especially my couch was her favorite spot.

Trust me cleaning gets really annoying once you have to do that every time they poop or pee. Especially if your bunny runs around in the house and pees everywhere, the house becomes very stinky.

But at least this four-floor rabbit condo will save you from the trouble.

This rabbit condo comes with wheels too. Often times when cleaning your house you can quickly move this rabbit condo from one place to another.

The wheels are removable and you can keep your bunny condo static without the wheels. But having wheels will benefit you a lot.

If in case you want to shift your rabbit cage outside of your house and let the rabbit get refreshed by the daylight that’s also effortless with this rabbit condo.

So, don’t think further there is no cheaper rabbit condo for sale.

>>> Click Here to check the current pricing of this multi level rabbit hutch <<<

My third choice for indoor is this rabbit fence style cage. It’s not a cage but it’s a fence.

3. DIY Rabbit Cage or Fence.

I have purchased this fence to give my rabbit a little playground. I personally use it together with my other cages. It allows my rabbit to get more fresh with space she can run around.

This pet fence is excellent only if you have enough space indoors. Because this DIY indoor cheap rabbit cage or fence is customizable and requires a bigger space once fully assembled.

However, this DIY fence can be used to build an indoor bunny condo too. For the least space, you can use two or three sets of this fence to build a bunny condo.

The space inside a cage is never enough for a healthy rabbit. Maybe you don’t want your rabbit to run around in your apartment and litter everywhere. Then this enclosure is the right choice for you.

It gives your rabbit a larger space than any affordable bunny cages, yet the rabbit’s movement is restricted within a zone.

This is a DIY fence. Assemble it the way you want it. Check Out this Play Pen Here.

Cheap rabbit cage playpen.
Cheap rabbit cage playpen.

One last thing about this fence style cheap indoor rabbit cage:

Rabbit is an active animal and likes jumping around. So it’s normal for your rabbit to jump over the fence and come out in the open.

So, to prevent your bunny from doing that, you have to build the fence higher. As well as you can create a top for the fence using this DIY rabbit enclosure.

My guess is to create a large enough enclosure with a top you will probably have to order two sets of these fences. Check the current pricing for DIY indoor fence.

There is one downside to this fence and that is it can slide through a slippery floor. So to prevent your rabbit from pushing around the whole fence is by using a mat under it.

That way the rabbit can’t move the bunny enclosure anymore.

This cheap indoor rabbit cage is extremely easy to assemble and due to the ease of assembly, this enclosure is very portable, in case you need to move often with your rabbit.

Another use of this DIY fence is to bunny-proof your house. Read Here >>> How to bunny proof your house?

Indoor rabbit cages with pull out tray for quick cleaning.

Every time your rabbit litters, you have to clean it. The worst thing I did in the past I let my bunny run around in my apartment. That resulted in her to pee and poop everywhere in the house making my house super stinky.

The worst part?

My rabbit’s favorite toilet spot was my couch. But it all happened in the beginning when I didn’t know a lot about rabbit behavior.

At the time I just bring the bunny home and let her play around.

Now that I know:

I suggest it’s necessary to train your rabbit to use a litter box and their cage must have a pull-out tray.

So, if you are a new rabbit lover or have the intention to go get a pet bunny soon, then always buy a cage that has a pull-out tray.

As well as train your rabbit to use a litter box regardless your cage has or doesn’t have a pull-out tray.

Now that I have explained about perfect indoor cheap rabbit cages for sale, NOW I will write about my top choices for outdoor rabbit cages.

Things you must know before buying outdoor rabbit cages.

A rabbit is a small animal and is an easy target for other big animals. Even a cat can harm your pet rabbit. A dog might run over your rabbit and your rabbit will be injured.

They have soft bones and can easily be hurt.

Rabbits are easy prey for eagles. So when you have a pet rabbit it’s wisest to give them an enclosure with a top and proper ventilation.

A rabbit loves to relax in a quiet place. So consider having a small compartment where your pet rabbit can relax or sleep when it’s necessary.

Rabbits love eating all day. That’s not actually a bad thing. They look absolutely cute when they are chewing on hay.

So you must think about having food dish and liquid feeder that will supply enough food for your rabbit all day.

Because you have to refill the feeder continuously and clean the litter that is everywhere it’s going to become annoying in the long run.

If you are a busy person then your rabbit is going to starve.

You must ask yourself first:

  • How many rabbits are you going to have?
  • Are you going to acquire more pet rabbits?

My Top 3 Cheap Outdoor Rabbit Cages for Sale.

Trixie rabbit hutch with outdoor run.

Trixie rabbit hutch
Trixie rabbit hutch

Trixie rabbit hutch has the number one spot on my list of top outdoor rabbit cages.

I choose this rabbit cage as number 1 because no other rabbit hutch can beat the size, and quality at such a low price.

This 3 feet tall rabbit habitat comes with a solid top which is perfect for outdoors, to protect your rabbit from extreme sunlight and in the rainy season.

This condo type rabbit hutch allows plenty of space for two rabbits. Depending on rabbit breeds you may try to accommodate a maximum of three rabbits.

This bottomless cage can be placed anywhere and works best for your rabbit if you set it on the grass.

Your rabbit will love to play all day and run around in the grass within the enclosure.

You are busy with your work while your rabbit can still enjoy themselves.

Want to know the best part?

This condo type outdoor rabbit hutch has double compartment upstairs. In case your rabbit needs to hide or wants to sleep in silence, they can go disappear in the private compartment.


You might be thinking about cleaning the hutch. Both the roof can be opened and this rabbit hutch has several doors that allow for access to every corner of the rabbit cage for cleaning purposes.

Plus it comes with a pull out tray which is located below the upstairs compartment. Anytime you need to clean just draw the trey and clean it.

Sometimes the pull out tray is not very helpful. So I suggest you might as well keep a litter box inside your hutch, and train your rabbit how to use it.

Read here >>> How to litter train a rabbit in a hutch?

Make sure you have a screwdriver because you will have to screw a lot of attachments. But no worries this outdoor cage comes with easy and good instructions. All the holes are marked for the screws to lessen your hassle.

Outdoor Trixie Rabbit Hutch
Outdoor Trixie Rabbit Hutch

There is one downside to this product which is not a big deal, and for the price, I paid I didn’t expect better. The only problem is if you assemble it poorly, the screws will pop out if you are moving this hutch very often. You may need extra hinges to solve this problem.

Finally, this rabbit hutch is an excellent choice to keep your rabbits safe outdoor. But it is best for only two rabbits depending on the size of the breed.

If you are thinking about accommodating three medium-sized rabbits in this cage, that’s a no-no for me.

If you have more rabbits, it’s best to order two of these cages. It is very affordable to buy rabbit cages online compared to other cheap rabbit cages for sale offline or any pet shop.

Check the current price of TRIXIE Rabbit Hutch HERE.

Merax wooden outdoor rabbit cage.

Merax wooden outdoor rabbit cage.
Merax wooden outdoor rabbit cage.

My second best cage on the list is the Merax rabbit hutch. This 4 feet long and 3 feet high wooden hutch has landed the second position due to the heavy duty wood it is made from.

Without a doubt this cage is durable. With a solid top and the heavy waterproof woods, the hutch is perfect for outdoors even in the rainy season.

This hutch is excellent for two rabbits to run around during the day.

Are you looking for something to keep your rabbits safe from predators?

That’s not all:

For the maximum comfort of your rabbit this cage has no bottom, so you can place this hutch over grass, and let your rabbits run on the grass during the day.

In case you don’t like this rabbit cage without a base, you can go to any hardware store and purchase sheet of plywood to glue it to the bottom by yourself. It works fine.

The compartment upstairs is great for your rabbit to sleep, relax and hide.

The top is actually removable so in order to not disturb your rabbits by removing the top while they are sleeping read here to understand their sleeping habits >>> Where and when does a rabbit sleep?

Why does the removable top matter?

It allows you for easy access to the compartment for cleaning. Like my first choice, this outdoor cage has a pull-out slider tray for cleaning as well.

However, this Merax rabbit cage has limited access inside compared to the Trixie rabbit hutch Trixie rabbit hutch has more access to the compartments as well as the downstairs enclosure.

Train your bunnies to use a litter box. If they are not well trained and makes dirty downstairs, you will have a hard time cleaning that place because the bottom has very limited access to only a door in one end.

The reason it is my second best option:

You must not move or shift the location of your cage very often. Though the quality of the wood is good, moving it too much will loosen the hinges and screws might break loose.

Set it up in one place and just leave it there. The fence is strong and will prevent your rabbits from cat paws or any other predators.

Pre-drilled holes and the instructions manual make even easier to construct this hutch for your rabbits.

Overall this outdoor rabbit cage is a good option for your rabbit if they like to jump around all day long. Maximum of two rabbits can be kept in this cage.

>>> Check the current price of Merax Rabbit Cage. <<<

SmithBuilt Rabbit Hutch for outdoors.

SmithBuilt Rabbit Hutch for outdoors.
SmithBuilt Rabbit Hutch for outdoors.

I kept the last spot on my top list for the SmithBuilt condo type outdoor rabbit cage.

You might be wondering why.

Because it’s not the perfect cage like the two I mentioned above yet it does a very good job of protecting your cute pets outdoor.

This rabbit hutch is similar to an indoor bunny condo only made for outdoors.

The rabbit enclosure is made of waterproof woods to prevent your rabbits from rain and extreme sunlight so that you don’t have to bother much due to changes in seasons.

The chicken wires have a durable epoxy coating, prevents it from rusts and corrosion, meaning less maintenance is required on your part.


This 4 feet long cage is durable, well built, but has a little higher price than the other two outdoor cages of my choice.

The number of inhabitants?

With plenty of room upstairs and downstairs, this bunny condo is perfect for two rabbits and a maximum of three.

A small compartment upstairs enabling your rabbit to hide if it is necessary. But the removable top doesn’t allow your rabbit to hide from you.

The best part?

A trap door between the two floors allows you for easy cleaning by limiting access to your rabbits while you have to. Also, the removable top allows you to clean the upstairs including the compartment with ease.

Although it comes with a tray drawer for cleaning, the multiple doors in this cage allow you to clean anywhere you think it’s required.

Easy to assemble and comes with instructions. Being this rabbit cage durable you can move it around every once in a while if it is required to.

Considering so many cheap rabbit cages for sale out there, this product is excellent too for the price you pay.

>>> CLICK HERE to check the current price of this product. <<<

Did you know for outdoor elevated rabbit cages are safe?

There are many animals that are hostile towards the rabbit, and if it’s not a multi level rabbit hutch, I will not consider buying that for outdoors.

The rabbit will sleep upstairs and that will keep my rabbits a lot safer there, out of the reach of predators.

In this article, I have recommended all the outdoor cages and hutch which has multi-levels. You want to keep your rabbits outdoor and at the same time you want them to be safe.

I believe this article on cheap rabbit cages for sale will be helpful either you keep your rabbits indoor or outdoor.

If you have purchased any of the cages above and was not satisfied, please leave a comment below.


From dealing with my own rabbits I have realized litter training your rabbits is necessary as well as providing your rabbits with the best diet.

As well as much care is needed for these small animals.

I remember one night I was busy with the work and forgot to refill the food dish.

Trust me when I woke up the next morning My cute rabbit DAYA was starving and very angry that she bit my finger with her small teeth.

I believe she didn’t think my finger is food but she only expressed her anger. Rabbits are really intelligent animals.

So you have to love these animals and purchase the best type of enclosure for these small and cute animals safety.

Hence all the cheap rabbit cages for sale I mentioned above will ensure a safe and lively rabbit stay regardless of being indoor or outdoor.

Want your rabbit to be happy and healthy?

How to raise happy & healthy rabbits!
How to raise happy & healthy rabbits!

Click here to order the ebook How to raise healthy & happy rabbits!

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    1. Hello Kristian, I would personally go for the large size for 1 mini lop rabbit. Because eventually your rabbit will grow big and it will require more space.

      As well as most pet rabbit guardians, once they fall in love with their first rabbit, they usually go buy a second one.

      Who knows you might do the same later. So instead of investing again on another cage, it is better you go for the large one now.

      Another thing you can do is you can keep your rabbits cage-free. In order to do so read this article here >>>

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    1. Thank You too. Rabbits are an excellent pet which most people fail to understand.

      Glad that my blog has helped you.

      Keep loving rabbits!! And let me know if you have any more questions.

    1. Netherland dwarf is a small breed of rabbit although when it is fully grown.
      The standard sized deluxe rabbit habitat will be good enough for a male Netherland dwarf. You can check the rabbit cage here >>>

      The standard sized cage is pretty cheap compared to the bigger ones. I think this cage is good enough because you must not keep your rabbit in the cage all the time. Let your small pet go free often which will result in a lively and healthy rabbit.

      Once the rabbit wants to relax it will go back its own cage and sleep there.

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